不能说的秘密 (Secret)

Posted On December 3, 2008

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Aside from knowing that this movie is about music, time travel and Jay Chou, I do think the producers chose to leave viewers in a mystical state of mind at the end, pondering what meaning the ‘secret’ really holds.

Though I must say, this movie seems unbelievably complicated, but it is DEEP. How far will one go for love?

If Jesus could die for us in the name of love, could Jay do the same in his own time?

Time, time, timing is important…time to find out thesecret?

頭文字D (Initial D) – Fourth Stage

Posted On December 3, 2008

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It’s always a pang to see a series finish, but it was felt none greater than when the final episode of this anime drew to a close.

Everything about Inital D Fourth Stage was AWESOME, including the really catchy beats by Jpop band m.o.v.e. Not only was I singing jap by the end of the series, I had also improved my knowledge of cars greatly ^_^

Among all the FFs, FRs and FDs you find the super-turbocharged Takumi Fujiwara who was born with street racing in his veins. Although he only drives an old 86 Toyota Trueno, his skills takes his car (and us!) racing against newer, more powerful cars such as GT-Rs, Lan EVOs, WRXs (my all time fav car!!!!^^)….concentrating on the motto: “when things get tough, I’ll just get tougher”

Keep your seatbelts on! Or you’ll be flying around corners, over curbs, drifting…racing against other ‘racing gods’. Just when does his winning streak ever end?!

But one thing to really remember is this: Even a man called a ‘god’ is still just a man.

So even if we take pride in our achievements, what is it all compared to our great God and Heavenly Father?

God is God. And we are NOT.

Rating: 10/5 (^^ too good to rate, no boring bits!)


花より男子(Hana Yori Dango) Movie Final

Posted On November 27, 2008

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Eternal love is not something you can see with your eye. It is something that exists just when you believe in it…”

So continues the love story between ordinary girl Makino Tsukushi and loud, rough, proud Domyouji Tsukasa, who are sent on a wild goose chase through Las Vegas, Hong Kong and a deserted island.

How far will they go to show the world they were destined to be? What is more important: the symbols of their love, or loving the person for whom they are?

An eventful movie with no boring bits.

Rating: 5/5

Believe eternal love really exists, and it will! Just as we cannot see, but we believe and know God’s great love for us is eternal. So even as the movie ends, even as our lives end, the story doesn’t end. It is only just the beginning…

Watch it here

Jmovie: Taiyou no uta

Posted On October 25, 2008

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You think you have a boring life?
Some people wish for that kind of ordinary life and never get it..

Such a lovely melancholy movie but with sparks of hope..
I really love Yui’s singing and it was the theme song from this movie that got me to start liking her..
but I had not seen this movie till now…
My bro had introduced her music to me.. as he says.. she is like a Japanese Michelle Branch :)

A high school girl sits at home watching the world go past and sleeps before the sunrises…
She has a disease which means if she gets exposed to sunlight she can die.

She watches this boy everyday as he gets to the bus stop to meet his friends to go surfing.. but they never have met until one day as she is in her usual spot singing with her guitar for her friend….
“Hi I’m Kaoru, I love singing, I like bananas and I don’t have a boyfriend…”
and it goes from there :)

Links to Christianity:
It just shows how much we take life for granted sometimes.. and that there are such people who do not get to experience or enjoy the things we do.. we see the sun rise and set everyday, the wonderful colours.. we get to go to school, uni, walk on the beach, park… wherever with the sun shining and warming us..
Movies like this show us the other side of life.. we may think.. oh but she can go out.. she can wear that protective suit…
But when we do it.. when we put ourselves in her shoes.. Can you? Will you do it?
Especially the shame and guilt you’ve been having..
Especially knowing you will die any time without much notice..
Life is short.. and there is hope even though life is short.. you can use the time God has given you..
Do anything to glorify his name :)
God has put you in this position, this situation..
Use it, do not give up, do not lose hope, keep striving, looking to the future…

Let us support each other through the whelming flood…
Ganbatte! and I will too..

Theme song: Good-bye Days – Yui


Jmovie/anime: Final Fantasy VII Advent Children

Posted On September 27, 2008

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–A continuation of the game Final Fantasy 7 (FF7) —

[It helps tremendously when you really don’t understand what is going on in a movie, except to tell the good guys from the bad!!]

Advent [ad·vent]: a coming into place, view, or being; arrival

So sets the scene for the next 80 minutes of confusion where there involves a mysterious Lifestream which kills and protects at the same time.

I think having watched the earlier FF’s would help explain the state of the earth in FFVII. However, given this reviewer is a noobie, there was still the  understanding that heroes work as a team to achieve the greater good.

Let us remember, we are not alone, as Cloud realises in the end. Just as Cloud has been put on the earth to save people, so Jesus has come before us so that we as His people are not alone.

Let us help one another as brothers and sisters, and friends, to fight the evil that lurks in our world!

As the children in FFVII are finally cured of the geostigma, there comes the arrival of a new earth which does no harm to all. We are God’s children, cured of our sins, waiting for a new earth to appear.

Let us be advent children, waiting for the arrival of our Lord Jesus Christ, as He comes to the earth a second time.

Watch it on Youtube

Rating: 7/10

Godliness: 7/10

Die hard fans of the game would love this, as it recreates the characters with modern CG technology and 3D graphics transforming the once humble beginnings of 3D block graphics…(1997?)
The voices work well with what you expect of them,.. ahh it’s a game come live~ :P

To watch the reminisce of the game itself will help the watcher understand it more… please do watch the clips of the original game here

Else, I have the real DVD with bonus disc! Ask me to borrow :P


NB: time is not of essence at the moment, and my review of it is no where near what I want to achieve as of yet.. so do wait for it as I explain the mysteries of FF7 and Christianity :P


Jdrama: Zettai Kareshi!!! [Absolute Boyfriend]

Posted On September 17, 2008

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Suggoku kawaiiiii
[very cute]

Thats one word to describe it :P

Another is..

AHHH So Touching!!!!

Riiko is as ordinary as a girl can get, dreams and all.

Lets be honest: which girl doesn’t dream of having the most perfect boyfriend who anticipates her every need and loves her to death?

For Riiko along comes Tenjo Night! He is everything she has dreamed of, he knows her every need and want. Except he is just a robot!

For us as Christian girls, it is not much different. I’m sure we all dream of that Prince in shining armour who will take us up in his arms and wipe away our tears. Tired of waiting?

Why are we waiting? We already have someone who loves us so dearly that He would give up His life for us, someone who knows our every need and want, someone who will wipe away every tear from our eyes. He is here and He is waiting!

Who is He?


Just as Night entered Riiko’s life, and she learned to love him over time, so we have Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour who has loved us from the very beginning of time.

Let’s just say that while most Jap dramas have a happy ending, the tale of Riiko and Night is bittersweet. Poignantly, things of the world do not last forever, as we can see in Zettai Kareshi. Death has ended life.

But we are certain of one thing: God’s Word WILL last forever, as will Christ’s love for us. Just because we cannot see Him, just because He died on the Cross, doesn’t mean He is not there! He is alive and looking down on us. Because God is not of this world, He is able to conquer death so life has only just begun…!

See Wiki for more info!

Yes I agree with selene! that is so cool how that analogy works :D
God Does know every one of our desires and how to look after us, just as Night was programmed to know what Riiko will like… but even as a robot, he had flaws, he still couldn’t work to the best so that he understood Riiko and can make her happy..
God however, has become man, and so has understood and can understand our feelings and emotions :D how cool is that!?
It’s cool how Night was so self sacrificial and didn’t give up even when Riiko was not returning his feelings as such..or ignoring him..
It shows the reality of today, how many people reject God, and yet God spreads his hands out..
and it shows humanity is not perfect, as we know we can never have the amount of patience Night has for Riiko..

Jmovie/live action – L change the world (Death Note)

Posted On September 10, 2008

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I was reminded about this blog, and how I can take a break on it.. hence I’m here.. hehe
I watched this movie on the weekend with my bro.. he tempted me with it and gave me the reason that I would waste my time in other ways anyway so why not watch it with him? etc hehe..

It was greatttt!!
L is a character I love.. hahah

I just want to talk about the topic of L for the moment,..
L.. I’ve got his keyring.. and when people, esp my aunty asks me what it stands for.. I say.. well what do you think?
it can mean many things.. Lord, Love and the guy L haha
When I think about that.. L can be depicted as the Christ .. because he was the “saviour” who was betrayed.. and wanted to make things right..and he was sacrificed..
ah I don’t want to spoil the story so much.. but there are many variations to the original..
I don’t like the original as much anymore because of that..
For L, his fate is sealed.. just like Jesus was..
but since he is a secular character he doesn’t really ressurrect.. but. like most things on this earth.. they leave a mark.. something that leaves you with it’s prescence forever…

Sorry for those of you who have no idea what I’m on about.. but it’s good.. cos then I don’t spoil anything :P
Back to the movie..
For those who know about or have seen any of the Death Note series
It’s the last movie of the Death Note live action series…
It has a completely different spin. and is like a typical crime investigation CSI typeish movie :D

I really like the movie… however there are bits I think it’s being a bit horrifying and explicit..
eg there are scenes of horror on people’s faces, as Japanese movies do best, and where freaky violence occur..

Basically this movie is set after the anime and the main series/story end.. and it focuses on the last 23 days of L’s life..
It’s really touching I found.. cos he learns so much in such a short period of time and he does do quiet a lot :D
It’s not really about death note anymore… but more centred around the character of L himself – his special skills and his thoughts.. :)
and also two other child prodigies :D

I think those who haven’t seen death note before can understand this movie’s plot without much explanation of the previous events.. :D
But of course knowing it makes it so much more enjoyable and touching to watch XD

The plot includes how in this short space of time, there are a group of people who threaten the world with a weapon… that is a virus.. a sort of genocide.. for humanity..
They think that humans have grown to an exceeding amount, such that the earth is destroyed and so they need to be controlled.. and there is betrayal and horror and deep intellectual connections.. in the midst of good and evil..
It’s interesting how people think they can play God and have the right to control people like that, and do away with life as they please..
It’s also interesting for the concept of “superhumans” to change/save the world :)

I highly recommend this movie if you are a fan.
If not a fan, and you love sci fi, intellectual detective style, child prodigies, smart mind play, anime style live action, and meaningful morals, then go watch it :D

I’ll talk about the actual anime/movie series in another entry :)
For more info on the movie go to IMDB

A fresh start

Posted On September 2, 2008

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I’ve always wanted to share what I’ve watched… the joy and deep meanings in each piece of creation lol..

So wunsie and I winsie [hahaha] create this new blog…

Not a website as such cos it’s so much harder to maintain.. and in the past I have done so but those have been closed down or have failed :P
and writing is fun~~
Plus.. with wordpress you can make pages that act like a website :D